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Dec 30

Rearview mirror: A decade’s worth of random “celebrity” encounters

My friends over at Trumbull Island are putting together a pretty extensive and highly entertaining collection of Top Ten lists for the decade, and for the year. As I helped them save Christmas this year, they asked me if I had any contributions, and then suggested “Top random people I met in the ‘00’s.” In …

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Dec 12

Stealing the show: Williams-Martinez an under-the-radar classic

With the fight game consumed by Pacquiao-Mayweather, Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez had a gem of a fight last week, showing that when the right two guys get in the ring, magic can happen.

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Dec 02

Do the right thing: Pacquiao-Mayweather a needed spike for fight game

  With boxing, as the Rolling Stones said, you can’t always get what you want. In fact, you virtually never get what you want. But just this once, as a fight that every boxing fan desires actually may become reality, you might just find you get what you need.

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Sep 09

Ringside keeps the flame for a dead champion and a troubled sport

My continuing quest to understand the death of my favorite boxer recently led me to Jersey City, the adopted hometown of Arturo Gatti, and a bar stool in Ringside pub.  I’ve wanted to go to Ringside for years after hearing vague stories about how Gatti used to train there. I’d also heard that the bar …

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Aug 29

Houston, we have a problem: Paulie’s plight illustrates boxing’s ills

We’ve been advocates of Paulie Malignaggi for over five years here, even interviewing him for the previous iteration of SportsAngle.com. He’s a likable kid, very funny and cocky, but prideful and devoted to his craft, with jabs as fast as his quips.  Who knew he’d be such a strong voice in calling out what’s wrong …

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Aug 27

Words to live by: Why we love Pretty Boy Floyd

We’ve been strong advocates of Floyd Mayweather here for quite some time – we went to his demolition of DeMarcus Corley way back in 2004 – which isn’t really in our nature. We like fighters like Gatti, guys who are more substance than style. But Pretty Boy Floyd has both. The man is a tremendous …

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Aug 03

Gatti’s death a suicide? Not bloody likely

So the Brazilian authorities, who had been virtually certain that Arturo Gatti’s wife was responsible for his murder, have now surmised that his death at the age of 38 was a suicide, which adds up perfectly, right? Sure… until you find out that the Brazilian authorities apparently ran an incomplete investigation. And until you find …

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Jul 28

Tough month for boxing gets darker with loss of classy Forrest

Unlike Arturo Gatti, I don’t know a lot about Vernon Forrest, who was murdered in cold blood in an apparent attempted robbery recently. I’ve seen a bunch of his fights, but he didn’t make the impact on me that Gatti did. The fact that Forrest was not the star that Gatti was does not make …

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Jul 17

Live fast, die young: A champion falls

I always just sort of had this feeling that Arturo Gatti would die young, but it doesn’t make it any less stunning when it actually happens. Hearing about his death on Saturday was one of those times where you simply don’t know what to do next. He’s been my favorite fighter since high school, when …

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Jul 17

Programming note: Watch the Gatti-Ward trilogy

A week after Arturo Gatti’s untimely death, whether you were a fan or are just learning of him now, it’s in your best interests to check out his trilogy against Micky Ward. All of Gatti’s fights were great, but the three-fight series from May ’02 to June ’03 was the epitome of sportsmanship and athletic …

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