Update: Stormy weather no match for Camp Sundown

Just a final note about Camp Sundown’s trip to Yankee Stadium – Before you get on me about the SportsAngle Curse, though it rained on Thursday night, it actually worked out perfectly, as it delayed the game so the campers could catch more of the game, a 6-3 victory over the A’s. Even the weather was smiling on this event.

I talked to a friend of the site who accompanied the campers to the game, and he said they had a terrific suite and then ended up right behind home plate in those cushy seats right behind the plate. They then went on the field and were able to hang out with Jorge Posada and Jose Molina (right). A great time was had by all.

I also paid my compliments to a Yankees PR guy, who called HOPE Week “Nourishment for the soul.” Well put, and congratulations again to the Yanks for doing something truly great for some very special people.

Newsday has a nice writeup of the hopefully-soon-to-be-annual event, along with a photo gallery.


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