The Afternoon After: Keeping Vick in perspective

A little later than usual due to Tuesday’s Drake concert, here’s my weekly football thoughts. Since I do picks now, I think a little later in the week is okay. As always, a reminder that I am genuinely far from a football expert, but I do enjoy the social constructs of the game.

Thrill ride 

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that winning in sports is the great cure-all, the ultimate social antidote. It really doesn’t matter what you do, it seems, provided you’re good at your sport. Michael Vick is the epitome of that notion.

For a guy universally panned after having done reprehensible things, he’s sure made a comeback as far as the opinion-shapers in the media are concerned.

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The Afternoon After: Head injuries starting to loom large

My weekly thoughts on football. As always, my disclaimer – I really don’t know a whole lot about the sport itself.

Rest in peace

I ran a few miles yesterday on my town’s track, which circles the football field, and the local high school team was practicing during my workout. We coexisted just fine, though I did draw some quizzical stares for the fact I was running barefoot. Frankly, I don’t blame them.

At one point, a high school friend of mine who’s an assistant coach for the team sent one of the kids to the trainer, with the exasperated explanation, “Joey says his head hurts.”

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Look Closer: Images from the House that Jay-Z built

Press Box

I never used to understood why Jay-Z was always in “best rapper alive” conversations, since I didn’t think his skills were on that level. I thought that maybe it was like Lil’ Wayne, where he said it so much himself over the years that people eventually just assumed it was true.

Then on Monday, after all these years, I saw him live for the first time at Yankee Stadium, the show he co-headlined with Eminem, which I had the opportunity to write about for my day job.

To paraphrase Yuri Foreman two days before he fought there, Yankee Stadium is really big.

But Jay-Z has made himself even bigger.

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The Afternoon After: Sainz of underlying sexism

I started writing some weekly thoughts on football last year, so I’m going to give that a shot again, probably sometime on Monday or Tuesday whenever I get up, which is usually around 1 p.m. The Jay-Z/Eminem concert at Yankee Stadium on Monday pushed this back a bit. I’ll also preface this, as usual, by saying I don’t really know an enormous amount about football relative to other sports, but I enjoy looking at it from a social and cultural standpoint.

From Monday Night's game

I’m sure everyone’s sick of this situation with TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz getting heckled by the Jets – that’s the nature of things now, Twitter makes you sick of things the moment you hear about them. And this sort of thing comes up every couple years and eventually just goes away without any real change affected, so I’d imagine this will probably be about the same, though maybe Roger Goodell does something here. I can’t think of what it would be.

But to those saying Sainz “brought it on herself” by wearing revealing outfits, that reeks of jealousy and latent sexism. Whatever the Jets said to her, I’ve much likely heard far worse spewing from people who blame her for being harassed.

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Nine years later

I wrote a few things on this day last year – it was the first year SportsAngle had been back in about five years, so I had some things to say about 9/11. I think I’ll let those speak for me again. My voice has changed a bit over the past year, but these are probably still okay. I ended up meeting Jay Fiedler and Ed Kowalczyk of Live this year, and they both vividly remember their roles in such an indescribable time in American history.

I feel like as time goes on, the memories of that day fade a little, as they become just a picture in a history book instead of a vivid memory. We must never forget, or risk being lulled into a false sense of security. And I feel for the people affected on that day, and ever since. I can’t even begin to imagine what that’s like.


— Remembering Mike Piazza’s post-9/11 home run – the greatest sporting event I’ve attended in person – and the role of Live’s “Overcome.”

— Remembering unlikely hero Jay Fiedler’s 9/11 moment.

— Why Novak Djokovic – who has to go through Roger Federer again today – deserves your support.

Forget Revis Island — Paying a visit to Revis Diner

 My dad pushing a Rav4. Kanye would not approve

Honestly, not much about the summer-long Darrelle Revis saga that ended late Sunday was fascinating to me. It seemed like your basic contract dispute that we’ve seen a million times.

You had a terrific player in Revis who wouldn’t play for $21 million guaranteed over three years, and apparently held out seven months to get $32 million guaranteed over four. You had the Jets attempting to hold on to as much hard-earned PSL money as they could.

Two heartwarming storylines if I ever heard any.

But I’ll tell you what I did find intriguing: The Roscoe Diner’s involvement in the proceedings.

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A little while ago, one of the guys from Deadspin reached out to me to check on the status of the editor referenced in a post I had made about a proofreading error gone wrong. They expressed genuine concern about his situation, which I very much appreciate, leading me to believe that some of the more harsh opinions I stated about their character may not have been warranted.

Given their inquiry as to the well being of the affected party, I’ve decided to take down my previous post, which was driven mainly by anger I was feeling at the time over second-hand information I had found. Essentially, after communicating with Deadspin, I’m not sure I was entirely fair, and that’s not really the tone I like to project here anyway.

I’d like to repeat that I don’t actually know for a fact that any particular site was what cost the person in question here. In an instant news environment, information spreads like wildfire; the error and subsequent fallout was easily found by a Google or Twitter search. It was simply my opinion given their widespread reach and the fact that mainstream outlets have come to view them as opinion-shapers.

Perhaps it’s simply that this is one of my pet peeves. It would be naive for me to expect this sort of thing not to happen, it’s just that in an ideal world, I don’t think it would have a place.

They also took some issue with the opinions expressed in my post, which I understand and respect. My point was more in a broad sense, that spreading errors of that nature could have repercussions that might not be considered ahead of time, especially when a large audience is involved.

In fact, my issue is maybe not so much with Deadspin itself, which I probably should have expressed more properly, but my opinions of a culture in which even what is obviously a human error is splashed all over the map Dewey-Truman style. Deadspin may be merely keeping up with the times in this case, in fact doing it better than anyone else given their success and finances.

I’ll reiterate one final time that perhaps some of my harsher opinions were a bit excessive, as shown by their concern about the affected party.