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Aug 17

Tempest in a shoebox

I’m decidedly not an art guy, though I did have a successful visit to the Louvre, in that I didn’t knock anything over. But as a longtime sneaker collector, I can still appreciate when there’s an intersect between what we put on our feet and what gets hung in a gallery.

Jun 28

Waves don’t die

The covers of the slapdash tribute magazines for Muhammad Ali at the supermarket checkout counters all depicted him as a young man. That’s to be expected: It’s a lot more savory to recall Ali as the beautiful dynamo who conquered Sonny Liston than as the aged sentinel humbled by his own hubris.

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Dec 25


I’ve always liked making a post on New Year’s Eve, kind of a virtual milepost. I find nothing more appropriate than where I’m writing this one: in the backseat of a car taking me and my wife to the airport for our first trip to Paris.

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Oct 23

SportsAngle presents: 2014 Halloween Mixtape

  October has come to present quite a paradox for me. It’s hands-down my favorite month of the year, home to the best holiday. But it’s also the month my job crescendos in terms of stress and workload, often leaving me with limited time and energy to enjoy it. This is, of course, the way …

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Jun 12

Nothing was the same

Two Septembers ago, exactly two weeks before I got married, I decided to try something called “The Survival Race,” kind of a 5K on steroids. It served as a bonding experience with some longtime friends, and a relatively wholesome “sowing wild oats” kind of thing before I tied the knot. My fiancee was fine with …

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Apr 06

The wonderful insanity of the WrestleMania VIII presser

Every year during WrestleMania, Twitter is split completely down the middle. On one side, you have people tweeting passionately about a fake sport; I’m typically in that group. On the other side, you have people complaining about that first group clogging up their timeline by tweeting about a fake sport. My general stance is that …

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Feb 28

South of the border

I realize I haven’t been seen around these parts very much, but overall, I think that’s a very positive thing. When my friend Terry and I relaunched SportsAngle five years ago, it served primarily as a place for me to talk about actual sports; several years later, I’ve found I have continually less patience for that. …

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Dec 30

Year of the dog

Last December, having been a dog owner for all of three days, I was letting our seven-pound puppy drag me around the neighborhood for about the 12th time that afternoon. I was completely exhausted, and I already had serious doubts I had what it took to make it work. We ran into a congenial middle-aged …

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Dec 09

RU experienced

Back when I was a student at Duke, I’d frequently congregate with my two best friends for what we called “sessions.” I’d turn on my black light, we’d listen to Tool and have the particular brand of deep conservations you tend to have in a dorm room late at night. Along with our standard agenda — girls, …

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Oct 30

Hallow victory

Halloween is without question my favorite holiday, but it becomes a little harder every year to psyche myself up for it. My job gets a whole lot more demanding in October, so by the time we get late into the month, I’m pretty worn down and often under the weather. Besides, there’s bills to pay, …

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