Ringside keeps the flame for a dead champion and a troubled sport

Front of the building, facing 1&9

My continuing quest to understand the death of my favorite boxer recently led me to Jersey City, the adopted hometown of Arturo Gatti, and a bar stool in Ringside pub. 

I’ve wanted to go to Ringside for years after hearing vague stories about how Gatti used to train there. I’d also heard that the bar attracts a rather tough crowd, and it’s in a relatively out of the way location, right next to the highway on Route 1&9. But I was driving a friend back to Jersey City on Sunday night a few weeks ago, and being that we’re both boxing fans, we decided to stop for a beer in Gatti’s honor.

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Gatti’s death a suicide? Not bloody likely

Arturo Gatti where he was most comfortable, Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic CitySo the Brazilian authorities, who had been virtually certain that Arturo Gatti’s wife was responsible for his murder, have now surmised that his death at the age of 38 was a suicide, which adds up perfectly, right?

Sure… until you find out that the Brazilian authorities apparently ran an incomplete investigation.

And until you find out that a second autopsy commissioned by Gatti’s family has not ruled out homicide.

And until you hear that the Gatti family brought a computer to the cops, saying it had pertinent information regarding his death.

And until you realize that three weeks ago, a new will was created that gave Gatti’s entire fortune to his wife, Amanda Rodrigues. That leaves nothing for Gatti’s family, including his mother and kids. In the CSI world, I believe they call that a motive.

And until you think about the logistics. Generally, a suicide attempt would not consist of both a stab wound in the back of the head, and a hanging (with his wife’s purse strap). It would seem that those events are mutually exclusive.

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