Update: Marbury needs to get some help

I recently did a post here quoting some of Stephon Marbury’s bizarre rants during a 24-hour Webcam stint he recently did, but I’ve had it pointed out to me that Marbury was actually breaking down and crying on camera. Now that, I didn’t know. So I didn’t think it fair to pile on the guy. I mean, there’s a difference between being totally crazy – in a non-toxic way – like Albert Belle, and being deeply disturbed like Stephon Marbury appears to be.

So as entertaining as those quotes were, I don’t think it proper to put them up as if they were simply the quirky comments of an eccentric dude. Marbury really might have an underlying deep sadness. Perhaps the personal pressure of coming back to his hometown of New York and ending up completely vilified has weighed on him. Factor in the deterioration of his skills, and you have a guy who faces the next 40 years of his life (hopefully) with most of his hometown hating him, his wife presumably hating him, and the burden of having millions and millions of dollars and no way to buy happiness. So it’s conceivable that Marbury is depressed.

With that realization, far be it from us to pile on this guy. Leave that to the “good folk” at Deadspin.