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Apr 06

The wonderful insanity of the WrestleMania VIII presser

Every year during WrestleMania, Twitter is split completely down the middle. On one side, you have people tweeting passionately about a fake sport; I’m typically in that group. On the other side, you have people complaining about that first group clogging up their timeline by tweeting about a fake sport. My general stance is that …

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Apr 13

Real recognize real

The first WrestleMania I remember watching was the sixth one, when Hulk Hogan defended his title against the Ultimate Warrior. I was a bit late to the party; my friends had all been fans for several years at that point, but I didn’t take to any sport – including ostensibly fake ones – until about …

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May 21

Celebrating the Macho Man’s life a window to the past

I’d say nothing calls your attention to the fact that you’re vulnerable to the passage of time like waking up to the news that Macho Man Randy Savage has passed away.

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Feb 06

Wrestling with shadows: Rumble trip beautifully illustrates passage of time

I know it’s fake. I know I’m 30. But standing with my friends in section 110 at Phillips Arena in Atlanta last Sunday, when his music hit and Edge made his surprise return at the Royal Rumble, I couldn’t help myself; I cheered my head off, flossed in my Edge shirt and gave high-fives to …

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