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Dec 25


I’ve always liked making a post on New Year’s Eve, kind of a virtual milepost. I find nothing more appropriate than where I’m writing this one: in the backseat of a car taking me and my wife to the airport for our first trip to Paris.

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Oct 23

SportsAngle presents: 2014 Halloween Mixtape

  October has come to present quite a paradox for me. It’s hands-down my favorite month of the year, home to the best holiday. But it’s also the month my job crescendos in terms of stress and workload, often leaving me with limited time and energy to enjoy it. This is, of course, the way …

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Feb 28

South of the border

I realize I haven’t been seen around these parts very much, but overall, I think that’s a very positive thing. When my friend Terry and I relaunched SportsAngle five years ago, it served primarily as a place for me to talk about actual sports; several years later, I’ve found I have continually less patience for that. …

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Dec 30

Year of the dog

Last December, having been a dog owner for all of three days, I was letting our seven-pound puppy drag me around the neighborhood for about the 12th time that afternoon. I was completely exhausted, and I already had serious doubts I had what it took to make it work. We ran into a congenial middle-aged …

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Oct 30

Hallow victory

Halloween is without question my favorite holiday, but it becomes a little harder every year to psyche myself up for it. My job gets a whole lot more demanding in October, so by the time we get late into the month, I’m pretty worn down and often under the weather. Besides, there’s bills to pay, …

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Oct 25

SportsAngle presents: 2013 Halloween Mixtape

When Hurricane Sandy wiped out Halloween last year, I couldn’t really complain about it, as we got off pretty lucky compared to much of Central and South Jersey. No trees or anything fell on our home, and our only injuries consisted of minor burns suffered by my wife on Halloween night, when she was attempting to …

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Apr 04

Just a moment

The years Johan Santana spent with the Mets are mostly a blur at this point, but I still remember the day they got him like it was yesterday.

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Mar 09

Sweet life

Not long ago, I sat on the beach in Cozumel, Mexico, with my feet buried in the sand, a pink beverage and Paul Beatty’s Slumberland in my hands, and the gentle rush of waves lapping on the beach in my ears. On one side was my wife, the other a mischievous crow intently eyeballing our …

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Jan 12

Rearview mirror: 2012 hit list

The middle months of 2012 presented a crisis of confidence for me: For quite a while, I found that I simply couldn’t write the way I like to. A large part of it was finding the time, as I was stretched too thin between day job demands, moving to a new home and planning a …

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Jan 07


Ten years ago on New Year’s Eve, I stood in a hotel room in the Mirage preparing for a night of Las Vegas revelry, a process that consisted for me at age 23 of putting on a flamboyant cream and gold Jordan Brand button-down and drinking Tanqueray out of a water glass. My friends and …

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