Counterpoint: Nomar finally a winner

Note: This is an addendum to my Nomar piece from earlier today, written by frequent SportsAngle contributor and conspirator Frank Pepe of Trumbull Island. It’s brilliant, and as a Knicks fan who views even their finest mid-90’s glory days as being tragically flawed, it resonates. I get it.


My friend Esoteric was curious about Boston’s love for Nomar Garciaparra, a player who flamed out, left acrimoniously and was overshadowed by his shortstop contemporaries and the franchise who would eventually win it all without him. Nomar, though, was — and still is —loved by Red Sox fans for his glory days, and for what he represented. Esoteric asked why: I think, as a Red Sox fan, I can give a bit of an answer.

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Revising the revisionist history on Nomar the Boston hero

Thanks, beautiful So I woke up today with Red Sox fans – and everyone else – treating Nomar Garciaparra like some conquering war hero because the guy came back to retire with the Red Sox. I just don’t get it. I understand there are some players that fan bases just come to love unconditionally, and there’s no doubt he put up big numbers there, but if I were a Boston fan, there’s no question I would still have a bad taste in my mouth from the way things ended up.

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