Official SportsAngle prediction: Mayweather scores the decision


I’ll make this brief since I don’t think I could tell you any more than the brilliant 24/7 series has on HBO: Juan Manuel Marquez will not defeat Floyd Mayweather this Saturday night.

But he’ll give Floyd a tough time.

Unlike Ricky Hatton, who was simply outclassed, and Oscar De La Hoya, who was past his prime, Juan Manuel Marquez is tough, determined and talented. However, he’s a slow starter. And Pretty Boy Floyd is not. He’s going to come out determined to show that he’s still got it after a layoff. I believe that even if Marquez’s toughness leads him to score some rounds in the mid-late portions of the fight, Floyd may just dominate the beginning.

And of course, he does. His physical conditioning appears to be completely on point. And from a mental and emotional standpoint, I can attest that running at night or early in the morning, with nobody else around, offers a supreme boost in confidence. Essentially, what it says is that you’re willing to work hard when the rest of the world is sleeping. You’re getting better while others are not.

Though both appeared to do that, I liked the look of determination in Floyd’s face. This is a man who, for all his bravado, was able to find time when he could simply find his focus. Mayweather likes to talk, but he loves to train. And nobody has his raw skills.

I believe Marquez can hang with him because of the toughness and dedication that he’s shown. Misled or not about the nutritional benefits – and he is truly misled – it takes a rugged man to drink his own urine. The psychological benefits of being able to do such a bizarre act help in its own way, as much like night running, it’s something that most people would not do.

But Floyd’s too good. I think he dominates the beginning and does what he has to do to hold on to win. Give me Mayweather, 8 rounds to 4.


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