Week 11 picks: Bears, Giants and Cowboys

For lack of a better place to put them, just picks this week — I’ve been exceedingly busy with Mike Krzyzewski’s record-breaking 903rd win, which I wrote up for Dime. I’ll probably resume with some random thoughts early next week.


Season record: 13-11-3
Last week: 2-1. Hit on Patriots, Bears. Should have hit with Giants.

Bears -3.5 vs. Chargers – San Diego is too beat up to keep up with the Bears.

Giants -4.5 vs. Eagles – No Vick means a far less exciting game, and I doubt the Giants will let up at all given how they were humiliated at home by Philly last year.

Cowboys -7.5 at Redskins – Washington is terrible, and DeMarco Murray is the man.


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