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Dec 09

RU experienced

Back when I was a student at Duke, I’d frequently congregate with my two best friends for what we called “sessions.” I’d turn on my black light, we’d listen to Tool and have the particular brand of deep conservations you tend to have in a dorm room late at night. Along with our standard agenda — girls, …

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Sep 14

Saints and glimmers

“Rough day, huh?” asked the smirking mid 40s-ish man wedged in next to me on my train ride from the City back to New Jersey on Sunday night. I was confused for a second; it had indeed been a long day at work, but how would he know that? Did I look that worse for …

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Nov 20

Week 11 picks: Bears, Giants and Cowboys

For lack of a better place to put them, just picks this week — I’ve been exceedingly busy with Mike Krzyzewski’s record-breaking 903rd win, which I wrote up for Dime. I’ll probably resume with some random thoughts early next week. WEEK 11 PICKS Season record: 13-11-3Last week: 2-1. Hit on Patriots, Bears. Should have hit …

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Nov 09

The Afternoon After: Can’t win for losing

Halloween/Watch The Throne/recovering from baseball … it all added up to me missing a week of this. It was a pretty lousy week to miss NFL pick-wise, as I went 10-4 in my weekly league. As a Dolphins fan that just saw his team’s Suck for Luck hopes dashed by a demoralizing victory over the …

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Oct 29

SportsAngle presents: Download our 2011 Halloween Mix CD

I haven’t had a ton of time to write lately because of the World Series, and some stuff I’ve done for Dime Magazine with Kyrie Irving and Penny Hardaway.  Expect some more next week, I have a couple of ideas I’ve wanted to put out there. But for now, I’m enjoying the Halloween weekend. If …

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Oct 22

The Afternoon Before: Tying up the loose ends

Some random thoughts, starting with a series finale I just watched five months after it happened. Working nights, I pretty much only watch television with DVR, and there are two types of shows for me: the ones I can watch any old time just to keep up with and get out of the way, and …

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Oct 14

The Afternoon Before: Joining the chorus

A couple of basketball lockout notes this week. So yeah, I’m just like everyone else. I make a living in baseball, and though I’m not crazy about everything the sport does, the power brokers behind the game have been able to learn from their mistakes for the sake of the big picture. The labor situation …

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Oct 09

The Afternoon Before: Time traveling with Pack Wars

Remember that feeling you had as a kid when you’d rip open a fresh pack of cards, convinced there was some sort of cardboard gold inside? Every once in a while, you’d hit the jackpot: Ken Griffey Jr. grinning at you, or Shaq trying to demolish a backboard. It was the teenage boy version of …

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Oct 01

The Afternoon Before: The frustration of Maravilla

This week’s random thoughts. A little boxing, a little baseball, a little Kobe Bryant as a rapper. Last November, I thought after watching Sergio Martinez detonate Paul Williams in Boardwalk Hall that I had seen The Next Big Thing. Almost a year later, the growing suspicion that we’re never going to see that actually happen …

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Sep 25

The Afternoon Before: Playing out the string

Later than usual with this, and just one thought and some NFL picks. Been a busy week and had some other stuff to write, including one article I’m hoping to see on the Dime Magazine site this week. It’s no secret that the older we get, the more jaded we are, especially when it comes …

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