NFL Mock Draft: Sig does the honors

Is it me, or is Goodell in pretty good shape? (pause)

I got a call today from Sig, a longtime friend of SportsAngle, who offered up his NFL mock draft services for the site. I wasn’t planning to run a mock draft here since I don’t really watch a whole lot of college football — and there are always so many trades and such, I think it’s impossible — but I saw no downside to using Sig’s first-round mock. Conversely, the upside is he gets a decent amount of these right and it looks like we know what we’re doing here.

What qualifies Sig to be SportsAngle’s version of Mel Kiper? Well, he watches a ton of both college football and the NFL. That’s basically the equivalent of the qualifications I consider myself to have in order to do NBA mock drafts, so that’s good enough for me.

Plus, he gave my beloved Dolphins another guy named Mark Ingram, and they did pretty well with the first one. I’ll be honest, I don’t know a whole lot of the guys he listed down there, but provided Miami doesn’t draft Pat White again, I think I’m okay with whatever they do.

Note: We didn’t have time to put together any commentary on the picks, but I’ll keep tabs on how he does, and I’ll try to get his opinions on things after the draft. And let this serve as a reminder that I gladly take guest submissions on SportsAngle, especially when it’s about something I have little to no knowledge about.

Sig’s picks after the jump:

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