The Afternoon After: Images from Black Friday, Thanksgiving football

I missed last week, and I’m going to blame Thanksgiving and Black Friday for that. Given that I watched virtually no football this week, let’s talk about the holidays.

Crowds and rain

I honestly don’t like Thanksgiving very much. I do, however, adore Black Friday. For one, I find the unmitigated chaos exciting. Everyone who’s out shopping knows it’s going to be totally berserk, and yet there they all are, flocking to discounted HD TVs like ants zeroing in on a stray piece of watermelon at a picnic.

Doorbusters aren’t my thing – I have two televisions already, and I sleep little as it is – but I like taking in the action. It’s also a good time to pad a DVD collection and such on the cheap.

After Thanksgiving dinner, I got back to my apartment at about 12:30 a.m. and was made aware that Wal-Mart had opened at midnight. In need of Kanye West’s latest CD – and wanting to witness the carnage – I put on my Black Friday Gear and ventured out into a rainy night at about 1:30.

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Thanksgiving football a holiday tradition we can all get behind

Programming note: I realize there was no “The Afternoon After” this week. The reason is simple: I didn’t see any games except for some of the Thursday night Dolphins win over the Panthers, and even that was in a bar, so I didn’t get as much out of it as usual. Especially considering the Patriots-Saints Monday Night game, that’ll be back in business this week.

Somehow, these people appeared to have a better dinner on some table in the parking lot of a stadium than I had in a semi-legitimate house. I do, however, also drink "Fuze" 

Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday, to say the least. I’m not a big eater (though, you know, I’ll have some turkey and stuffing) and don’t generally prefer pies. I just don’t even get it. The only thing we seem to be celebrating in earnest is gluttony; nobody’s sitting there with their gravy-soaked meat discussing the pilgrims or whatever.

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