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Aug 17

Tempest in a shoebox

I’m decidedly not an art guy, though I did have a successful visit to the Louvre, in that I didn’t knock anything over. But as a longtime sneaker collector, I can still appreciate when there’s an intersect between what we put on our feet and what gets hung in a gallery.

Aug 21

Yeezy taught me

“Are you going to keep them or sell them?” Rob, the manager at House of Hoops on 34th Street, asked me back in June as I purchased my pair of Nike Air Yeezy IIs. I hadn’t really thought about it. To that point, I’d sold one pair of sneakers ever. “I’ll tell you what I …

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Oct 13

The afternoon after: Peyton reigns in late chapters of tale of two QBs

Here’s my weekly look at the weekend’s football games. Remember: I don’t claim to actually know anything substantive about the sport. A few years back, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady were the unquestioned kings of a sport in which quarterbacks are put on a pedestal. They were two golden gods with golden arms, leaders of …

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Sep 04

‘Vick Bowl’ shows fans love having a (milk) bone to pick with Mike Vick

Here’s the long and short of it: If you go see Michael Vick play this season, you’re probably going to have some dog biscuits thrown at you. At least that’s my experience. Vick’s traveling circus came to my home state on Thursday night, a few hours after Warden Goodell reinstated him for Week 3, and …

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