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Aug 06

A Queens story

Back in the winter, when the Mets announced Nas would do a postgame concert after a game in July, I decided that if I went to Citi Field just once this year, a distinct possibility, it would be that one.

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Apr 04

Just a moment

The years Johan Santana spent with the Mets are mostly a blur at this point, but I still remember the day they got him like it was yesterday.

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Jul 27

Street dreams

I’ve always been fascinated how hearing a song can bring you directly back to how things were during a particular time in your life. When Nas performed “One Mic” to finish out his set at the MLB Fan Cave last Wednesday, I was brought back to January 2005: It was 11:30 at night, I had …

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Feb 24

Best seats in the house

I don’t remember all that much about life as a fifth grader — I recall being infatuated with G.I. Joe action figures, the Mets and the original Legend of Zelda, but that’s about it. And yet, so much about my first game at Shea Stadium remains totally fresh in my mind.

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Sep 25

The Afternoon Before: Playing out the string

Later than usual with this, and just one thought and some NFL picks. Been a busy week and had some other stuff to write, including one article I’m hoping to see on the Dime Magazine site this week. It’s no secret that the older we get, the more jaded we are, especially when it comes …

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Aug 23

Shades of 2006: Catching up with Ollie Perez

I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see Oliver Perez pitch again. But last Saturday night in Harrisburg, I found myself watching him warm up about 30 yards from Bryce Harper, ships passing in the night. Besides the red jersey, Ollie looked just as I remembered him. It was like when you run into a long-lost …

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Feb 06

Catching up with the Mets’ unintentional savior

  Note — With the videos below, you might want to use headphones. The audio came in a bit low. In response to Ed Randall’s question on Tuesday night about potentially adding another Wild Card team to the playoff scenario, Sandy Alderson furrowed his brow and said, “Well, I haven’t actually given it much thought…” …

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Dec 20

The blueprint: Knicks are evidence that Mets’ patience is prudent

I got this e-mail last week — before Cliff Lee signed with the Phillies — from a good friend who listens to what I’d consider to be an unhealthy amount of Mike Francesa: Are the Mets looking at anyone? Crawford to Red Sox. Yanks are in hot pursuit of Lee.  Angels are looming once again. …

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Apr 09

Look closer: SportsAngle revisits Mets Opening Day at Citi Field

Despite the fact that I’ve been a Mets fan since I was nine, I waited 21 more years to attend my first Opening Day game of any sort, as an appetizer for Duke’s national title game that night. Being jaded, I never saw the need to get to an Opening Day game, but I have …

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Dec 31

We the living

If you’ve been coming here for a while, you already know that the only holiday I truly love is Halloween. But New Year’s, I’ve always at the very least liked. I realize it’s technically just another day, but it represents to me a time to reflect and measure growth. A clean start. A fresh slate. …

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