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Dec 30

Year of the dog

Last December, having been a dog owner for all of three days, I was letting our seven-pound puppy drag me around the neighborhood for about the 12th time that afternoon. I was completely exhausted, and I already had serious doubts I had what it took to make it work. We ran into a congenial middle-aged …

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Oct 03

The Wedding Shoes

It takes an incredibly special woman to not only condone, but suggest that her husband-to-be wear sneakers to their wedding.

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Sep 06

When worlds collide: Jordan Bordeauxs and the Jam video

I’ve started doing some writing for Dime Magazine — it’s really sort of a full-circle kind of thing, since they were the first publication that ever let me write anything way back almost a decade ago. I lost touch with them for a while while I pursued some other things, but I always enjoyed checking …

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Dec 24

Rearview Mirror: 25 years later, vintage Jordans as cool as ever

With all the hysteria about the Jordan Cool Grey XI re-release the past couple days, some people were thrown back to when they first released in 2001, especially with things once again becoming pretty tense out there at those late-night campouts at the mall. But some people were thrown back even farther. My friend Kevin, …

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Sep 02

Look closer: Pistons-model Jordans a nod to what made Jordan great

Note: The following is this site’s debut from Frank Pepe, who is the world’s foremost expert on sneakers, Canadian sports and hip-hop. He’s as elusive as Keyser Soze, and about twice as lethal, but we’re ecstatic to have his unique take on things here at the site. I have two jobs now, but when I …

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