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Feb 28

South of the border

I realize I haven’t been seen around these parts very much, but overall, I think that’s a very positive thing. When my friend Terry and I relaunched SportsAngle five years ago, it served primarily as a place for me to talk about actual sports; several years later, I’ve found I have continually less patience for that. …

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Aug 06

A Queens story

Back in the winter, when the Mets announced Nas would do a postgame concert after a game in July, I decided that if I went to Citi Field just once this year, a distinct possibility, it would be that one.

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Oct 03

The Wedding Shoes

It takes an incredibly special woman to not only condone, but suggest that her husband-to-be wear sneakers to their wedding.

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Jul 27

Street dreams

I’ve always been fascinated how hearing a song can bring you directly back to how things were during a particular time in your life. When Nas performed “One Mic” to finish out his set at the MLB Fan Cave last Wednesday, I was brought back to January 2005: It was 11:30 at night, I had …

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Jan 12

Mail call: Keep the 9 on me, a la Iguodala

One thing I’ve learned after about a year of using Twitter is that it’s a refuge for people with way too much knowledge about stuff that nobody else cares very much about. As such, I’ve felt right at home sharing my views on St. Patrick high school basketball and Yelawolf mixtapes with a perfectly non-captive …

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Oct 29

Kings of New York? Jay-Z the wrong choice for Yanks’ pregame anthem

If you’ve been reading, you know SportsAngle is largely in tune with the hip-hop community. (As recently as this month, I shook hands with the great Ghostface Killah) So I watched with keen interest as the Yankees announced that Jay-Z – who has carved out more and more of a presence in sports lately as …

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