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Jan 12

Rearview mirror: 2012 hit list

The middle months of 2012 presented a crisis of confidence for me: For quite a while, I found that I simply couldn’t write the way I like to. A large part of it was finding the time, as I was stretched too thin between day job demands, moving to a new home and planning a …

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Mar 23

When nothing else matters

The texts and tweets started rolling in around 8:30 on Friday night, as I stood next to a police officer looking at what was left of my Mustang. According to my phone, my alma mater, Duke, was behind No. 15 seed Lehigh late in their NCAA Tournament game. I obviously didn’t particularly care very much …

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Jan 10

Nostalgia, ultra

Right before Christmas, I flew down to North Carolina to visit Duke, something I’d previously done five times since I graduated in 2001. Though a lot remains unchanged in my life since my last trip three years ago – same job, same apartment, same obsessive sneaker collection – I’ve since met my future wife, which …

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Mar 30

Black socks in the hour of chaos

I watched ESPN’s Fab 5 Documentary the night before I left for vacation and very much enjoyed it, lamenting the fact that I wouldn’t have time to weigh in on Jalen Rose’s comments about Duke. Considering the instant-gratification Twitter-borne sports culture we live in, I assumed that by the time I got back a week …

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Mar 26

Senior moment: Parting ways with Nolan and Singler

Four years ago, following Duke basketball’s weakest season since I enrolled there in 1997, my dad and I got really excited about the potential of the team’s incoming freshman class. In late 2007, right after my second marathon, my dad — who isn’t really a sports fan, but got into Duke basketball when I started …

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Mar 14

Missing out on March Madness — by design

The NCAA Tournament starts this week, and you know where I’ll be? Cozumel, Mexico, until very late on Saturday. I have no idea if I’ll have television access to the tournament there, and I’m not bringing a laptop. And that’s absolutely fine with me.

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Mar 10

Sneaker fix: Duke Kobe VI — what was, what might have been

It obviously didn’t work out like this, but even though I went to Duke, I was pretty sure I was going to pass on this year’s Nike Duke edition Kobe sneakers.

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Dec 10

Sympathy for the Devil: Why Kyrie Irving’s injury hits home

The texts and e-mails started rolling in on Wednesday, asking me how I was doing in the wake of Kyrie Irving’s toe injury. They came from people who know how I’ve followed Kyrie’s early career over the last year or so. I’m obviously concerned, more for him than about anything else. As incredible a player …

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Aug 24

Visit to home office shows Coach K living a dream with Team USA

I went to the Garden a week ago to watch Team USA play France. And as I watched Mike Krzyzewski sit on the bench, studying his players and working the refs, it brought me back to an October night back in 2000, when I sat in the home office in Mike Krzyzewski’s basement. Krzyewski is …

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Apr 22

Playing the percentages: Singler wins numbers game with Duke return

The usual disclaimer: If you’ve been here before, you know I went to Duke. And of course, I’m excited for another year of watching Kyle Singler play, and I certainly don’t mind that it makes the team a title contender again. But truth be told, it seems like a very good move for him. The …

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