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Aug 06

A Queens story

Back in the winter, when the Mets announced Nas would do a postgame concert after a game in July, I decided that if I went to Citi Field just once this year, a distinct possibility, it would be that one.

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Nov 05

Watch the Throne an inspiration to be more

I can’t remember exactly when, but there was a point on Tuesday night while watching Jay-Z and Kanye West perform in Baltimore when I turned to my fiancée and said, “I don’t know if I’ve ever felt as cool as I do right now.” This despite wearing a Mets jacket. This is what Jay-Z and …

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Oct 04

Living the dream with J. Cole

It’s not often that you get to witness someone on the very day their dream is realized, but last Tuesday, I found myself face to face with J. Cole while that happened for him.

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Sep 06

When worlds collide: Jordan Bordeauxs and the Jam video

I’ve started doing some writing for Dime Magazine — it’s really sort of a full-circle kind of thing, since they were the first publication that ever let me write anything way back almost a decade ago. I lost touch with them for a while while I pursued some other things, but I always enjoyed checking …

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Jan 12

Mail call: Keep the 9 on me, a la Iguodala

One thing I’ve learned after about a year of using Twitter is that it’s a refuge for people with way too much knowledge about stuff that nobody else cares very much about. As such, I’ve felt right at home sharing my views on St. Patrick high school basketball and Yelawolf mixtapes with a perfectly non-captive …

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Oct 05

The Afternoon After: Dealing with defeat comes with age

Here are my weekly thoughts on football. As always, I’ll reiterate I’m hardly a scholar of the sport. Having my beloved Dolphins on Monday Night Football last night really brought me back to when I was growing up, when that sort of thing was a very big deal.

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Sep 20

Look Closer: Images from the House that Jay-Z built

I never used to understood why Jay-Z was always in “best rapper alive” conversations, since I didn’t think his skills were on that level. I thought that maybe it was like Lil’ Wayne, where he said it so much himself over the years that people eventually just assumed it was true. Then on Monday, after …

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Jul 20

Air of hypocrisy: Jordan’s typical shots at LeBron ring hollow

On an April night back in 2003 at the MCI Center, I sat courtside to watch a baton passed unwillingly from the former king to the future King. An 18-year-old LeBron James used an array of circus shots and sensational dunks en route to 34 points at the Jordan Capital Classic. And up in a …

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Feb 17

Rearview mirror: LeBron-mania reaches its zenith in Trenton

(Note: I originally wrote this during the fall in conjunction with the release of “More than a Game,” but while writing about the Primetime Shootout this weekend, I grew nostalgic for the greatest high school performance I had ever seen at the 2003 Shootout. I usually don’t re-up posts, but indulge me here. Stuff’s about …

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Dec 31

We the living

If you’ve been coming here for a while, you already know that the only holiday I truly love is Halloween. But New Year’s, I’ve always at the very least liked. I realize it’s technically just another day, but it represents to me a time to reflect and measure growth. A clean start. A fresh slate. …

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