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Jul 17

West of sunset

When I was a freshman at Duke, Alex Rodriguez showed up at a basketball game out of nowhere and sat a couple rows in front of me to watch Trajan Langdon, with whom he’d played Minor League ball. A-Rod had already had a couple of really good seasons for the Mariners, though nothing like the …

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Jun 18

At big-money Yankee Stadium, satisfaction hardly guaranteed

After being impressed with Yankee Stadium during the Cotto-Foreman fight last week, I wanted to see it for its designed purpose: a baseball game. So I made my way to the Bronx for my first Yankees game at the new Stadium in a World Series rematch against the Phillies on Wednesday. Unsurprisingly, my opinion was …

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Mar 01

Out of the Woods: History provides blueprint for disgraced golfer’s revival

To say things aren’t going well for Tiger Woods at the moment is an understatement, and yet he has to know deep down that it’s going to work out in the long run. And let’s face it, you and I know the same exact thing.

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Dec 31

Rearview mirror: The coolest, and un-coolest, athletes of the 2000’s

Another set of lists as part of our friends at Trumbull Island’s Year/Decade-ending Top 10 list hysteria. Here are the Top 10 coolest athletes of the decade, and the Top 10 least coolest athletes. I’m sure I’m missing some, but I think it’s a pretty good primer. I think you’ll see Nas is generally a …

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Dec 08

One felled swoosh: Perceived perfection led Tiger to flawed existence

It appears that after all this time, what the world might have really wanted is for Tiger Woods to be flawed, because it brings him down to everyone else’s level. When someone appears to be too perfect, it makes people uncomfortable. It forces them to face their own deficiencies. And for so long, Tiger was …

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Nov 06

Meet the new king … How will success affect A-Rod now and forever?

  After the Yankees won the World Series on Wednesday night, Alex Rodriguez spent some time gleefully saying that he was now “just one of the guys.” That he had earned his pinstripes, so to speak. This, to me, is wishful thinking on A-Rod’s part. His salary, his very public personal life, his… interesting… personality …

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Nov 05

Hate ‘em or love ‘em, Yankees forever the straw that stirs the drink

Say what you will about how they build their team, how they outspend everyone else in the game, about their economic and big-market advantages. But the Yankees are where it’s at in baseball. And it’s been that way forever.

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Oct 29

Kings of New York? Jay-Z the wrong choice for Yanks’ pregame anthem

If you’ve been reading, you know SportsAngle is largely in tune with the hip-hop community. (As recently as this month, I shook hands with the great Ghostface Killah) So I watched with keen interest as the Yankees announced that Jay-Z – who has carved out more and more of a presence in sports lately as …

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Oct 28

Putting it bluntly: Philly’s repeat talk not just smoke and mirrors

The Yankees are one of the most talented teams I’ve seen in a long time – as well they should be. They already had the best leadoff hitter, closer, and arguably the best hitter in baseball, and they spent a cool $425 mil to add the top two free-agent starters and the best free-agent position …

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Oct 12

Stat freaks be damned: SportsAngle endorses Teixeira for AL MVP

Now most of you have dismissed this before you even read it. I’d be lucky to get any of you back. To paraphrase my man Billy Hoyle, I’m going to write it anyway.

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