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Jun 12

Nothing was the same

Two Septembers ago, exactly two weeks before I got married, I decided to try something called “The Survival Race,” kind of a 5K on steroids. It served as a bonding experience with some longtime friends, and a relatively wholesome “sowing wild oats” kind of thing before I tied the knot. My fiancee was fine with …

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Oct 01

The Afternoon Before: The frustration of Maravilla

This week’s random thoughts. A little boxing, a little baseball, a little Kobe Bryant as a rapper. Last November, I thought after watching Sergio Martinez detonate Paul Williams in Boardwalk Hall that I had seen The Next Big Thing. Almost a year later, the growing suspicion that we’re never going to see that actually happen …

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Nov 24

Surge of adrenaline: Martinez’s boardwalk blast a breath of fresh air

There was a moment on Saturday night, right after Paul Williams crumpled to the mat, when even Sergio Martinez had yet to fully register what had taken place. It reminded me of watching Piazza’s post-9/11 homer floating past me in the upper deck at Shea. Watching the formerly feared Williams sprawl face-first on the mat, …

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Nov 20

For boxing purists, war by the shore trumps last week’s blockbuster

The fact that Manny Pacquiao’s whitewash of Antonio Margarito last Saturday drew anywhere between 1.25-1.4 million pay-per-view buys, depending on who you ask, is a testament to two things: the popularity of Pacquiao, and the effectiveness of the HBO 24/7 program. Tonight’s Paul Williams-Sergio Martinez rematch in Atlantic City, which I will be attending, has …

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Dec 12

Stealing the show: Williams-Martinez an under-the-radar classic

With the fight game consumed by Pacquiao-Mayweather, Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez had a gem of a fight last week, showing that when the right two guys get in the ring, magic can happen.

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