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Jun 12

Nothing was the same

Two Septembers ago, exactly two weeks before I got married, I decided to try something called “The Survival Race,” kind of a 5K on steroids. It served as a bonding experience with some longtime friends, and a relatively wholesome “sowing wild oats” kind of thing before I tied the knot. My fiancee was fine with …

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Dec 07

Everything in its right place

21,000 people sold out Madison Square Garden on Saturday to watch Miguel Cotto give Antonio Margarito his comeuppance, and there would be no other acceptable outcome. A Margarito victory would have been catastrophic, as would have a run-of-the-mill boxing debacle akin to Bernard Hopkins’ aborted match against Chad Dawson a few weeks back. As such, …

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Jul 26

Pacquiao-Margarito: Disappointing, but hardly a stunner

If you’ve been expecting anyone other than Antonio Margarito to be waiting in the ring for Manny Pacquiao this November, you haven’t been paying attention. This is the fight Top Rank promoter Bob Arum wanted all along. Disappointed it’s not Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather? Sure, me too. But that’s not the way this sport works. Nothing comes …

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Jun 10

Look closer: Images from fight night at Yankee Stadium

I had the privilege of covering the Yuri Foreman-Miguel Cotto fight for my day job this past Saturday, which I enjoyed a great deal. I hadn’t been ringside for a fight since Floyd Mayweather and DeMarcus Corley way back in 2004, and it was good to be back. It almost made up for all the …

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Jun 09

Courageous Foreman finds there’s beauty in the breakdown

   Yuri Foreman shuffled around the ring in the seventh round on Saturday night, attempting to fight with a badly injured right knee, while most observers lamented what a bad break had befallen the first Israeli world champion. But Foreman’s injury took his title defense against Miguel Cotto from a surprisingly good match to unforgettable. …

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Jun 05

Look closer: Images from Cotto-Foreman fight week in NYC

Thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures from the run-up to Yuri Foreman vs. Miguel Cotto at Yankee Stadium tonight. Feel free to use any of them for whatever you’d like, but please credit SportsAngle.com.

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Jun 05

Fight night in the Bronx – some words from the experts

I haven’t been around here as much I’d like to be lately, though that will change – my day job has taken up a slight bit more of my time given that I’ve been covering the events leading up to tonight’s Yuri Foreman-Miguel Cotto fight at Yankee Stadium, which has been great.

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Jan 11

Shadowboxing: Mayweather’s manipulations paint him into a corner

Floyd Mayweather messed with Manny Pacquiao for so long that he completely played himself.

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Dec 24

Master of puppets: Mayweather massacring Manny with mind games

The biggest surprise with the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather drug testing argument is that I actually at one time hoped this fight would come off without a hitch. I guess that plays into my desire to have a big fight happen for once with none of the nonsense and posturing that usually goes into this sport. …

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Nov 23

Wherever I may Rome: Young Money making ‘old college try’ obsolete

Ever notice that the same people who are quick to pass judgment based on their own personal bias are nowhere to be found when they’re dead wrong? I’ve had a lot of practice being wrong, so I have no trouble admitting it, like when I pulled a sheet over Tom Brady’s career a little while …

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