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Oct 16

Hall of mirrors

Admittedly, I used to hold the concept of the Hall of Fame in the highest esteem. When I was a kid reading as much about baseball as I possibly could, Hall of Famers were flawless demigods from a thousand years ago who pitched comets and swung bolts of lightning. My parents took me on a …

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Nov 06

Meet the new king … How will success affect A-Rod now and forever?

  After the Yankees won the World Series on Wednesday night, Alex Rodriguez spent some time gleefully saying that he was now “just one of the guys.” That he had earned his pinstripes, so to speak. This, to me, is wishful thinking on A-Rod’s part. His salary, his very public personal life, his… interesting… personality …

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Sep 17

Air of sadness forever casts shadow over Jordan’s greatness

I’ve always thought that there’s an inherent loneliness that comes with preternatural talent. Reflecting on the great moments one can produce with sheer physical or mental genius can be like walking through a hall of mirrors, fated to see endless glimpses of moments in time that can never be recaptured except through still or moving …

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Sep 11

Perspectives on Jordan, Jeter and Ichiro take a back seat

  Suffice it to say, I look up to Michael Jordan. I have a poster with the words he speaks in that ad above hanging as the centerpiece of my living room – along with a framed picture of the Twin Towers. And I have my own perspective to share on the man as he …

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Jul 27

Make no mistake: Rickey all about Rickey

Now I’m not about to tell you brand new Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson wasn’t a great player. Of course he was. And I loved him growing up – who didn’t? He was a swashbuckling stolen base machine who referred to himself in the third person. That said, if anyone is a better testament to …

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